Zygor Guides Review

What is Zygor Guides?

Zygor Guides is an add-on to the World of Warcraft (WoW) game which provides assistance at the every single step of its levelling process. Created by John Cook, an accomplished WoW player, Zygor Guides has been approved by Blizzard, the developers of the World of Warcraft game. Hence, you can be assured that you’ll never be banned for using such product. When it was created, it was meant purely to serve the purpose of an assisting levelling guide, but it has evolved into a much bigger product today than it originally was.

Zygor Guides Features

Levelling and Loremaster – The primary feature of the Zygor Guides, Levelling and Loremaster plays a key role in the levelling aspect of the game. With its help, you’ll be able to level your character at superfast speeds. It encompasses all the continents and races in the World of Warcraft game. The waypoints in it guide you in the right directions, help you perform the correct actions, make you speak to the right people and help you even to the extent of making you wear the right gear. It’s like playing the World of Warcraft game on an autopilot mode and getting the toons to 90 all of a sudden! Trust me, I’ve managed to level my characters in as less as 3 to 4 days’ time, with the help of this guide. It features a 3-D format, and can even turn in items and accept quests on your behalf.

Dailies and Events – Zygor Guides plays a critical role in helping you make fast bucks inside the game. I managed to make tons of gold through the everyday quests it helped me through. It’s almost as if you’ll be taken by hand and spoon fed gold at every single step. Hence, gold will never be a problem for you in the WoW game. What more, you’ll also earn some of the rarest items, that you may not even have heard of before!

Dungeon and Gear – Zygor Guides will walk you through every single dungeon in the World of Warcraft game. It features comprehensive maps and complete strategies for every Boss inside the dungeons. In addition, you’ll also get help of a dynamic gear locating system.

Professions and Achievements – Zygor Guides will help you to switch professions in an instant and cap a new profession quickly. You wouldn’t believe the speed at which you’ll level up when you use this guide for the first time. It literally spoon feeds you at every single step.

Pets and Mounts – It helps you bag pets, minions, mounts etc. at all possible steps of the game. On the whole, it does the work of as many as 700 guides put together! Yes, you read that right!

Reputation, Titles and Macros – If you ever wished for Titles and wanted to stand out from the everyday World of Warcraft crowd, Zygor Guides will help you achieve just that! It features more than 35 different titles, and all the reputation you accomplish will exalt you with all the factions.

Some other important features of Zygor Guides:

  • – Auction house guide
  • – Guide to help with food and drinks statistics
  • – Guild levelling guide
  • – Archaeology profession guide
  • – Free of cost lifetime guide with all the updates
  • – Nether Drake mount bonus guide
  • – Inside game guide for helping with talent building
  • – Inscription profession levelling guide
  • – Death Knight guide and more

Zygor Guides Pros

– Zygor Guides has been created in a manner that it automatically disregards any quests which are irrelevant or obsolete in nature. Instead, it focuses entirely on the ones that can help you level in the fastest possible manner. This helps in not just saving energy, but a lot of time as well.

– The waypoint guide comes quite handy and is quite accurate for even the new players. Installation is simple to and you receive all the updates automatically.

– Zygor Guides is very flexible on the whole. It can be easily benefited from by both seasoned as well as novice players. Furthermore, you get the option of choosing your particular level, or make adjustments to the guide to suit your personal preferences. Levelling with the Dungeons or BoA becomes as simple as just flicking to the next level.

– The Talent Advisor built inside the game is a pretty handy tool. It helps you focus on all the right aspects and apply your talent in the best way possible. Thus, you are able to improve your skill levels significantly. The forum provides several important custom builds.

– Zygor Guides features an easy to follow, step-by-step approach, that works well for all levels of players. Its user-friendliness is such that you’ll have no problems levelling up in no time.

– Talking about levelling, the Levelling guide is pretty consistent and accurate. It informs you about only the right quests, preventing you from wasting your time on the insignificant ones. All the important information will keep popping up on the screen on a consistent basis.

– Although Zygor Guides is pretty detailed in nature, it disseminates every bit of its information using simple methods. Unlike other popular cryptic systems, it makes use of an arrow on the screen to point the players in the right direction.

Zygor Guides Cons

– Zygor Guides doesn’t cover the Battleground and Dungeons comprehensively. This implies that whenever a player goes back searching for some quest, the guide catches up with him/her.

– Unless you’re good at quick reading and following swift instructions, you may find going slightly tough with Zygor Guides. It pops up regular instructions on the screen to help the players with the levelling process. Unfortunately, such quick and extensive reading affects the actual playing process and may take the thrill away from the game.

– Zygor Guides may take some time or fail to update on certain occasions. This can cause a significant amount of inconvenience to the players. This problem was quite regular in the earlier versions of the game, where the players experienced a lot of inconsistency with regard to updation of the quests.

– Although Zygor Guides makes it clear that it is apt for all levels of players, regardless of whether they’re seasoned or are just starting out, many people find this guide to be more suitable for intermediate or advanced level players.

Zygor Guides Review Conclusion

On the whole, a lot has been written and said about the Zygor Guides. Gamers all over the world are highly impressed by its automation, user-friendliness, simplicity and versatility. Despite the fact that few players find it more suitable for intermediate to advanced level players, it hasn’t lost out even one bit on its popularity, efficacy and demand.

If you look at it in totality, you’ll find that Zygor Guides pros far outweigh its cons. This is the precise reason why a large majority of World of Warcraft players give it a huge thumbs up. If you’re not too sure about buying the Zygor Guides outright, you can give it a test run first. Its trial version is available completely free of cost and can be downloaded instantly.

In a nutshell, the World of Warcraft game becomes far easier and enjoyable when you play it with the help of Zygor Guides.